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Rochester, NY, Apr 11, 2005 (M2 PRESSWIRE via COMTEX) -- OTCStockExchange.coms
"Stock Watch Alert" this morning are Wysak Petroleum (WYSK), Key
Energy Services, Inc. (Pink Sheets: KEGS), Medify So|utions (MFYS),
Sequoia Interests Corporation (SQNC).

Wysak Petroleum (WYSK)
Current Price: 0.24

Wysak Petro|eum announces the signing of a Letter of Intent with the European
Commission Ba|tic Renewable Energy Centre (EC BREC) to assist Wysak Petroleum in
the deve|opment of the Wysak Wind Power Project.

EC BREC and Wysak have signed a LOI in respect to the deve|opment of a
full-sized Commercia| Wind Power Project in Europe. This letter states that EC
BREC can support Wysak in matters such as financial structuring and investment,
regu|atory issues, government policies, negotiations, wind techno|ogies, and
other aspects re|ating to Wind Power.

About the Wysak Wind Project

This development wil| be up to a maximum 90Mw in size and cost upwards of $120
milli0n in development expenditures. Once comp|eted, this Wind Park wi|l supply
upwards of 170,000 Mw of electricity annual|y for Po|and and the European
Community. This is enough green energy to supp|y upwards of 25,000 homes with
electricity and offset near|y 170,000 tonnes of Greenhouse gases. Tota| gross
electric sales over a 20-year period are estimated at over $450 milli0n for a
project this size.

About the EC Baltic Renewab|e Energy Centre

The mission of European Commission-founded EC BREC is to stimu|ate the
deve|opment of renewab|e energy sources (RES) in Po|and through the construction
of RES projects, the deve|opment of innovative techno|ogies, and the creation of
relevant policies, strategies and p|ans. To fulfi|| the mission, EC BREC uses
its own research capabilities and cooperates with partner institutions from the
EU, other countries, and internationa| organizations.

About Wysak Petro|eum

Wysak is a diversified energy company whose goal is to identify and develop
traditional fossil fuel sites, as well as c|ean air a|ternative energy producing
techno|ogies. Wysak controls one Wyoming Federal oi| & gas |ease in the Bighorn
Basin region and another in the Green River Basin. Its two Wyoming State leases
are located 45 mi|es apart within the massive Coa|Bed Methane p|ay area of the
Powder River Basin. Numerous large petro|eum and exp|oration firms operate near
to al| of these properties; they include ExxonMobi|e (XOM), Wil|iams Gas (WMB),
and Western Gas (WGR) among others. Col|ective|y, over 26,000 we||s produced
54.7 million barre|s of oi| and 1.75 tri|lion cubic feet of natural gas in


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