Jeff Jacoby: An inglorious suicide

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> R.A. Hettinga spoke thusly...
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> > An inglorious suicide
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> > March 4, 2005
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> > Hunter Thompson's suicide was an act of selfishness and 
> cruelty. But more
> > depraved by far has been the celebration of that suicide by 
> those who
> > supposedly loved or admired him.
> What does this have to do with cypherpunks?  This is not your personal
> blog.  Most of the list traffic is forwarded or cross-posted news
> articles, but how is HST's suicide remotely on-topic?

I absolutely agree. The value of Hettinga's posts to Cypherpunks and 
the Cryptography list has absolutely gone down the tubes, to the point
where I have had to write special filter rules to isolate his posts
from the actual content.

The dozen or so full-length article on HST have simply no relevance
to either list.

If he had any respect for others at all, he'd give the URL and
a couple lines of summary. Or even better is your suggestion that
he use his own blog, or set up his own mailing list instead of
spamming the lists with off-topic crap.

His behaviour has sunk his reputation well into the 
Choate/Matt Taylor range.

Peter Trei

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