China charges U.S. monopolizes the Internet, seeks global control

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 China charges U.S. monopolizes the Internet, seeks global control

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EAST-ASIA-INTEL.COMWednesday, March 2, 2005

 China's ambassador to the United Nations last week called for
international controls on the Internet.

 Chinese Ambassador Sha Zukang told a UN conference that controls should be
multilateral, transparent and democratic, with the full involvement of
governments, the private sector, civil society and international

 "It should ensure an equitable distribution of resources, facilitate
access for all and ensure a stable and secure functioning," he said at the
conference on Internet governance.

 Sha said China opposes the "monopolization" of the Internet by one state,
a reference to the Untied States, which ultimately controls the digital

 "It is of crucial importance to conduct research on establishing a
multilateral governance mechanism that is more rational and just and more
conducive to the Internet development in a direction of stable, secure and
responsible functioning and more conducive to the continuous technological
innovation," he said.

 China's communist government fears the Internet would dilute Beijing's
control over its population, as information passes unfiltered throughout
the country and outside of strict government censorship.

 China strictly prohibits any public criticism of the ruling communist
party and closely monitors and censors Internet usage. Periodically,
Chinese security forces raid Internet cafes and arrest people who violate
Chinese rules.

 Sha said China has 94 million Internet users out of a worldwide total of
about 810 million.

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