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Hi y'all, time for our status update

* Index
2) roadmap
3) addressbook editor and config
4) i2p-bt
5) ???

* 1)

As discussed last week, a few hours after the meeting we pushed out
a new release fixing the bugs in 0.5 that had caused the
massive number of tunnels being built (among other things).
Generally, this rev has improved things, but under wider testing,
we've come across some additional bugs that have been hitting a few
people.  In particular, the rev can gobble tons of CPU if
you have a slow machine or your router's tunnels fail in bulk, and
some long lived I2PTunnel servers can gobble up RAM until it OOMs.
There has also been a long standing bug in the streaming lib, where
we can fail to establish a connection if just the right failures

Most of these (among others) have been fixed in cvs, but some remain
outstanding.  Once they're all fixed, we'll package 'er up and ship
it as a release.  I'm not exactly sure when that'll be,
hopefully this week, but we'll see.

* 2) roadmap

After major releases, the roadmap [1] seems to get... adjusted.  The
0.5 release was no different.  That page reflects what I think is
reasonable and appropriate for the way forward, but of course, if
more people jump on to help out with things, it can certainly be
adjusted.  You'll notice the substantial break between 0.6 and
0.6.1, and while this does reflect lots of work, it also reflects
the fact that I'll be moving (its that time of the year again).

[1] http://www.i2p.net/roadmap

* 3) addressbook editor and config

Detonate has started some work on a web based interface to manage
the addressbook entries (hosts.txt), and its looking pretty
promising.  Perhaps we can get an update from detonate during the

In addition, smeghead has been doing some work on a web based
interface to manage the addressbook configuration (the
subscriptions.txt, config.txt).  Perhaps we can get an update from
smeghead during the meeting?

* 4) i2p-bt

There's been some progress on the i2p-bt front, with a new 0.1.8
release addressing the azneti2p compatability issues as discussed
in last week's meeting.  Perhaps we can get an update from duck or
smeghead during the meeting?

Legion has also created a fork off the i2p-bt rev, merged in some
other code, patched up some things, and has a windows binary
available on his eepsite.  The announcement [2] seems to suggest
that source may be made available, though its not up on the eepsite
at the moment.  The i2p devs haven't audited (or even seen) the code
to that client, so those who need anonymity may want to get and
review a copy of the code first.

[2] http://forum.i2p.net/viewtopic.php?t=382

There's also work on a version 2 of Legion's BT client, though I
don't know the status of that.  Perhaps we can get an update from
Legion during the meeting?

* 5) ???

Thats about all I have to say atm, lots and lots going on.  Anyone
else working on things that perhaps we can get an update for during
the meeting?

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