Private Homes may be taken for public good

A.Melon juicy at
Thu Jun 30 12:32:34 PDT 2005

> Well, James Dobson (right wing Christian evangelical) is targeting some of 
> these same judges, so I don't think the Democrat & Republican division 
> you're pointing to here is all that valid. In other words, some of those 
> same judges are hated by the right.

Thomas in particular is hated by the Right, but everyone, left, right,
and center hates the majority decision in Kelo.  Polls on major news
sites indicate 1-3% support for the decision.

The question is not whether there's a division -- of course there is --
but whether liberals are upset enough about this decision to turn
against justices who mostly support the modern liberal paradigm.

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> >Subject: Re: Private Homes may be taken for public good
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> >
> >    --
> >> Bush's favorite judges are radical activists when it
> >> comes to interference with most civil rights
> >
> >For the most part, it was conservative judges, judes
> >hated by the democrats with insane extravagance, that
> >voted for against this decision.
> >
> >Bush's favorite judge is probably Thomas, who voted
> >against this decision.

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