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Hi y'all, time to start back up our weekly status notes

* Index
1) Dev[eloper] status
2) Dev[elopment] status
3) Unit test bounty
4) Service outage
5) ???

* 1) Dev[eloper] status

After 4 cities in 4 countries, I'm finally getting settled and
churning through code again.  Last week I got the last of the
pieces to a laptop together, I'm no longer couch hopping, and
while I don't have net access at home, there are plenty of net
cafes around, so access is reliable (just infrequent and

That last point means that I won't be hanging out on irc as much
as before, at least until the fall (I've got a sublet through
August or so and will be looking for a place where I can get 24/7 net
access).  That doesn't, however, mean that I won't be doing as
much - I'll just be working largely on my own test network, pushing
out builds for live net testing (and, er, oh yeah, releases).  It
does mean though that we may want to move some discussions that used
to go on free form in #i2p onto the list [1] and/or the forum [2] (I
do still read the #i2p backlog though).  I haven't found a
reasonable place where I can go to for our development meetings yet,
so I won't be there this week, but perhaps by next week I'll have
found one.

Anyway, enough about me.

[1] http://dev.i2p.net/pipermail/i2p/
[2] http://forum.i2p.net/

* 2) Dev[elopment] status

While I've been moving, there have been two main fronts that I've
been working on - documentation and the SSU transport (the later
only since I got the laptop).  The docs are still in progress, with
a big ol' scary overview one as well as a series of smaller
implementation docs (covering things like source layout, component
interaction, etc).

SSU progress is going well - the new ACK bitfields are in place, the
communication is dealing with (simulated) loss effectively, rates
are appropriate for the various conditions, and I've cleared some of
the uglier bugs I had run into previously.  I am continuing to test
these changes though, and once its appropriate we'll plot out a
series of live net tests for which we'll need some volunteers to
help out with.  More news on that front when its available.

* 3) Unit test bounty

I'm glad to announce that Comwiz has come forward with a series of
patches to claim the first phase of the unit test bounty [3]!  We are
still working through some minor details of the patches, but I've
received the updates and generated both the junit and clover reports
as necessary.  I expect we'll have the patches in CVS shortly, at
which point we'll put out Comwiz's testing docs.

As clover is a commercial product (free for OSS developers [4]),
only those who have installed clover and received their clover
license will be able to generate the clover reports.  In any case,
we'll be publishing the clover reports on the web periodically, so
those who don't have clover installed can still see how well our
test suite is doing.

[3] http://www.i2p.net/bounties_unittest
[4] http://www.cenqua.com/clover/

* 4) Service outage

As many have probably noticed, (at least) one of the outproxies is
offline (squid.i2p), as is www.i2p, dev.i2p, cvs.i2p, and my blog.
These are not unrelated events - the machine hosting them is hosed.
I'm working on getting it back up though, at which point those five
services will be back in operation.  Just an FYI.

* 5) ???

As there isn't a dev meeting on irc this week, if anyone else has
anything to bring up, please feel free to post up to the list or the
forum.  I've been following the discussions on the list, the forum,
and in #i2p while I've been away, and have been glad to be able to
sit back and let other people answer most of the questions.

I do appreciate the patience people have had with the slow down in
releases as well, and realize that in some projects that would be
cause for alarm.  I2P is not, however, one of those projects - I've
been working on it fulltime for more than two years now and will not
stop until the needs that have been driving it are met.  I am not
wed to particular technologies for technologies sake, but merely
follow what seems to be the best path from here to where we need to
be, and as far as I can tell, we are still following the best path
available.  This summer, fall, and winter look to be a very exciting
time in the anonymity field.

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