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A company which has positioned itself in the gap between the major media conglomerates and the universe of independent music, film, publishing and technology companies. 
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H0t St0ck Huge News!!

Pop3 Media Corp. announced  that the Company is in the final stages of negotiations to acquire the rights to an exciting new proprietary portable data storage technology which is currently under development.

This exciting new technology will allow for the storage of vast amounts of data on a single portable disc, with minimum storage capacities of over 50 GBytes per disc and maximum storage capacities upwards of 100 GBytes. Additionally, we expect extremely high data transfer rates; approaching speeds similar to hard drives.

The technology currently under development is intended to allow data to be replicated on a low-cost, mass production basis, comparable to CD/DVD-ROM discs, while simultaneously allowing recording of uniquely identifying serial numbers and/or user data on the same portable media. This capability is intended to enable the use of new and ever-changing copy prevention technologies to ensure that the rights of copyright holders are protected. Pop3 intends to license the technology to various manufacturers when development is completed.

Pop3 believes that this new technology will be more than able to c0mpete against other emerging technologies being readied to replace the DVD in the near future. The emergence of HDTV, with its enormous data storage requirements and the ever increasing need for reliable data backup, will ensure a market for high-capacity removable data storage devices. One of the most exciting features of this technology is that it is intended to use mostly off-the-shelf hardware already in mass production. It is expected that a licensed manufacturer should be able to produce player/recorders for under $100 and fully replicate and serialized discs below $5.00

Pop3 intends to use proceeds from its $5 milli0n Secured Equity Distribution Agreement with Cornell Capital to fund the development of this exciting new device, once a new registration has been filed with, and made effective by, the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Pop3 will reorganize its business focus on the development and integration of emerging entertainment-related hardware and software technologies upon completion of its ongoing negotiations to sell its wholly owned subsidiary, ViaStar Distribution Gr0up (VDG), to Roxxy Corporation. Pop3 believes this new strategy will accelerate growth and improve long-term profitability for its shareholders.

About Pop3 Media Corp:

Pop3 Media Corp. is engaged in development, production and distribution of entertainment-related media for film, television, music and publishing interests. The Company's portfolio currently includes ownership of ViaStar Distribution Gr0up, A.V.O. Studios, Moving Pictures International, ViaStar Records, Quadra Records, Light of the Spirit Records, and ViaStar Classical, ViaStar Artist Management gr0up and Masterdisk Corporation.


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