Well, they got what they want...

sunder sunder at sunder.net
Thu Jul 28 03:52:59 PDT 2005

Steve Schear wrote:

> The term 'securisimilitude' (from verisimilitude) comes to mind.
> Steve
True, but I think the goal was FUD and it worked. 

On Tuesday (I think) both the Metro and AMNY free rags reported that all 
of a sudden there was a rash of suspicious packages being reported.  Ya 
think?  Another incident was of a homeless guy putting his luggage on a 
ticket counter and claiming it had a bomb in it.  Think someone yanked 
his chain to the point where he'd sarcasm himself into jail?  Of course 
the bright bulbs in charge evacuated all of Penn Station supposedly.

In another article, one that stated NYCLU was against the searches, but 
claimed most people were happy to open their bags and some even walked 
up to the cops, opened their bags and said "here, look at mine", another 
gave a quote from a supposed police officer saying that July had a ~23% 
drop in crime.  Well, that's nice and all, but the bag searches started 
only 3 days before, so WTF does the crime rate for July (which hasn't 
yet ended) have anything to do with bag searches that just started? 

The funniest part are the letters to the editors thanking the police and 
saying how wonderful it is to be living in a country where you're safe.  
Of course, if you were to tell these folks 10 years ago, that you'll be 
subject to search when entering the subway, or that you couldn't bring a 
nail clipper with you when boarding an airplane, they'd go "Shucks, no 
way that would happen in my country!"

I love the smell of propaganda in the morning.  It smells like FUD.

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