Well, they got what they want...

Tyler Durden camera_lumina at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 27 11:48:35 PDT 2005

Well, apparently you haven't been getting any of my posts to the Al-Qaeda 
node, otherwise the context would be clear.

As for...

> > Local authorities, however, can take these differences as meaningful and
> > act
> > upon them.
>Yes they can.  But should they?

>From their perspective? Of course. Increased civilian fear=increased job 
security. That's the whole name of this game here, and probably a big 
(though arguably unconscious) motivation for the Iraq war. Peace is bad 
business for the military industrial complex.

>Clue: JBT = Jack-booted thug.  Within the cypherpunks list membership,
>this is usually an identifier referring to people working for the
>so-called law-enforcement arm of a government -- particulaly one of the
>federal-level agencies whose personnel believe themselves to be entitled
>to dictate terms of existence to mere mortals.

Huh? I've been on the list since 2001 and this may be the first I've seen 
this acronym. meanwhile, I'm the guy who initiated the "Stash Burn" thread 
amongst a myriad of enabling ideas, whereas the only stuff I've seen come 
through with your name on it is second hand, Hettinga-esque "reporting" 
(though Hettinga's has auto-edited himself to the point of being fairly 
interesting of late). So I can only wonder as to your motivation here, Mr 

>I think you would better serve yourself if you were employed doing
>something productive as opposed to being occupied doing something that
>merely seems productive.

This is where I suspect that you're on the Rock. A thought is not coherent 
merely because you can express it in grammatically correct sentences.


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