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Hi y'all,

After 5 months of crunching and testing on the 0.5 series of
releases, we've got the 0.6 build ready for your enjoyment.  In here
the big change is the new SSU [1] transport running on UDP instead of
TCP, allowing us to remove the per-peer thread and memory issues we
have seen so far.  In addition, some peer review by an anonymous
contributor has allowed us to improve some of the cryptographic
routines used in the tunnels and connection establishment.  A full
list of changes is as always up on the web [2].


This release includes the base SSU functionality - enabling
communication between reachable peers reliably and efficiently, but
0.6.1 will include support for "introducers", letting people behind
firewalls and NATs that they don't control join the network and
participate fully.  While the 0.6 release is deployed and we measure
its real world performance, we'll be crunching away on 0.6.1 with
the aim of getting that out later this summer.  After 0.6.1
stabilizes, we'll package 'er up and stick the "1.0" label on it and
move our focus towards providing more engaging user experiences.

Updating will be fairly easy, but due to a minor bug in previous
releases, you won't be able to use the 0 click update.  Instead,
just grab the i2pupdate.zip [3] and save it to your I2P install
directory, then click on "Graceful restart" [4].  After it restarts,
you'll want to "reseed" and make sure your router is reachable from
the outside world via UDP on your SSU port (8887 by default).  This
release is NOT backwards compatible, so please upgrade ASAP - a few
services are already on the new release - squid.i2p, cvs.i2p,
www.i2p, and dev.i2p, so grab yours today :)

[3] http://www.i2p.net/download
[4] http://localhost:7657/configservice.jsp

This release was a long time coming, both due to caution necessary
when designing, implementing, and testing a new transport protocol,
as well as my fairly hectic move to a new region and the resulting
infrequent internet access.  Thanks again for your patience, and
especially to the folks contributing code, content, and cash - we'd
be in tough shape without y'all!

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