go for the head shot -they're wearing puffy jackets

Major Variola (ret) mv at cdc.gov
Tue Jul 26 20:04:59 PDT 2005

Now that the UK got a little feedback for their empire assist,
its amusing (in a black, american kinda way) to see them demonstrate
their lack of a first amendment.  The papers are filled with brits
calling for state coercion against their own citizens for their
Naturally, the sheeple will trade liberty for pseudo-security.

Which is cooler?   A somali surrounded by men with guns,
which he figures are mugging him, and
who gets shot when he tries to give them his wallet; or a
brazilian who gets shot when he thinks he's being mugged
by similar anglos with guns?   The somali got a few dozen
holes, the brazilian less than a dozen, I guess that's the
british reluctance to use guns :-)

As G Gordon Liddy said, go for the head shot.  They're wearing
body armor.  Or a special vest.  Or just a puffy jacket.  Whatever.

Who knew Orwell was *such* an optimist?

Or that the Bill of Rights made such excellent toilet paper?

BTW, how do you say "enriched" in Korean?

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