Well, they got what they want...

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> >--- Tyler Durden <camera_lumina at hotmail.com> wrote:
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> > > ...I'm sure most are aware that random searches has begun here in
> NYC,
> > > at subway stations and in the LIRR. Contraband (drugs, etc...) can
> get
> > > the owner arrested. The next step, of course, will be to start
> grabbing
> > > anyone carrying terrorist propaganda, such as the Qu'ran, leaflets,
> > > or even the New York Times.
> >
> >You fucking 'tard; nobody is going to be arrested for carrying a copy
> of
> >the NYT.
> Well, if you're saying what I think you're saying, I'm still not so
> sure. 

Well, what do you *think* I'm saying?  Perhaps I could clarify my post.

> "Lies of the Times" indeed...the Times "Liberal" compared to NYPost, 
> etc...is like Kodos compared to Kang.

I fail to see the relevance.  

Domestic security services haven't spent the last few decades co-opting
the press for nothing.  As far as I'm concerned, it is ludicrous to
suggest that quasi-offical state press organs will produce product that
will in any way be candidate materials for classification as subversive

This premise, however, depends somewhat on the observation that the
so-called left and right-wing divisions of the political spectrum are
largely illusory.  The most strident critics of diametric political
opposites in the press and elsewhere would disagree, but their very
occupations are rather dependent upon the perception that the evident
differences in ideology are more than superficial.  But as far as I'm
concerned, there is no meaningful difference in most cases.
> BUT, -local- authorities just might declare it "Liberal Propaganda". Or 
> worse, ANY litereature (left, right) will be suspect.

> Is this paranoid?

Yes, but in the wrong way.  Which makes you either an idiot or a JBT
troll.  Possibly both.

>                     A year or two I would have thought so. But things
> have gotten so out of wack that anything goes. Cellphones, of course,
> are the latest scary devices, and here in NYC the towers for them
> are down in key infrastructural places. I could easily see that
> being expanded into the Wall Street/downtown area, where we already
> have multiple barricades and machine gun armed cops.

I agree that cell-phones are scary devices, but only because they are
proprietary, and because the phone companies are just as bad as the press
when it comes to co-operating with the so-called law-enfocement community.
 Anyone recall Operation Sundevil and friends?
> Saw a local security expert on the news, and he stated the obvious:

Blah, blah, blah.

> Random searches and whatnot are going to do zero for someone
> determined, but "might" deter someone who was "thinking about"
> blowing up the A train.  In other words, everyone here in NYC

Uh-huh.  Y'know the police planted a stupid story in the local media here
(toronto) not too long ago.  They said that some wack-job had been
deterred from going on a psychotic rampage with his evil guns because he
met a friendly dog in a park, and that the dog made him re-assess his
homocidal/suicidal ideation.  I imgaine the people who thought that one up
should cut down on their intake of hallucinogens and laughing gas.

As for propogating the silly idea that bombs can be detonated by
remote-control with a cell-phone trigger... Well, that's really fucking
stupid.  Any half-wit could do just as good a job with a one-way pager, or
a digital watch -- if he were not so inclined as to cobble toghether a 555
timer and some glue in a shielded enclosure.

As I mentioned elsewhere, science, logic, and fact have no major role to
play in the operation of courts or law enforcement today.  That should be
inexcusable to anyone who expects to rely on science, logic, or fact in
any other areas of life; such as medicine or transportation, for instance.

> knows that we've given up a lot for the sake of the appearence
> of security, but no one seems to give a damn.

Well ain't that just too fuckin' bad.



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