Well, they got what they want...

Duncan Frissell frissell at panix.com
Fri Jul 22 11:08:35 PDT 2005

At 11:00 AM 7/22/2005, Tyler Durden wrote:
>OK, OK...so the police are deterrents against a few lone crazy copycats, 
>who don't have enough sense to enter away from police line-of-site. But it 
>sure seems damned silly to be giving up constitutional protection for the 
>sake of an image of protection.

For now you can refuse the search just as with the airlines by declining to 
travel.  Since the searches are "random" you can try again via another 
entrance until you make it into the system without a search.  Or you can 
decline to use government transportation entirely and call 212-777-7777 for 
the Tel Aviv car service (most of who's drivers are the sons of Hagar 
rather than the sons of Ruth in spite of it's name).


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