Reverse Palladium?

cypherpunk cyphrpunk at
Wed Jul 13 00:15:21 PDT 2005

On 7/12/05, Tyler Durden <camera_lumina at> wrote:
> How secure can I make a Java sandbox from the rest of the network I'm on?
> Can I make it so that my network administrator can't see what I'm typing? In
> other words, a secure environment that's sitting on an insecure machine.

Although you asked about "Reverse Palladium" what you really want is
Palladium itself. This is precisely the security model which has so
many people upset: the system owner (the network admin) is giving up
control over his machine, running software which he cannot control,
molest or modify. You, a third party, are protected against the
computer's owner. The ability for owners to voluntarily and verifiably
give up a degree of control over their computers is anathema to
Trusted Computing opponents, the height of evil and a threat to be
fought at all costs. The fact that it is voluntary for all concerned
means nothing to them. They don't want people even to have the chance
to be tempted to utilize this technology, and they will stop at
nothing to keep it from coming into existence. So far they have been
extremely successful.

for discussion about how to use Palladium to add security to Internet
voting applications, even for cases where people are voting on
machines owned by others. This is very similar to the threat model in
your situation.


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