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Nostra2004 at Safe-mail.net wrote:

>I believe programs that search for spelling and style characteristics can
>be largely thwarted by passing the text through at least two language
>translation programs and tweaking the text to remove obvious semantic
>errors.  The translators will also, often, help do an inadvertent spell
>checking when they can't identify the English word, leaving it untouched.
>Here is an example of passing the above paragraph through a
>English-Russian-English transform using http://www.translate.ru :
>"I believe to programs that searches for spelling and develops features, it
>is possible to stir substantially, transferring the text at least through
>two language programs of translation and ?????????? the text to remove
>obvious semantic mistakes. Translators will be also, often, to help to do
>the negligent period checking when they cannot identify an English word,
>leaving it is untouched."
>Leaving in the cyrillic selected by the translator for the word "tweaking"
>may help throwt automated style analysis programs.
>Here's the same paragraph transformed through German:
>"I believe programs which can look for the orthography and style qualities
>be mainly crossed, the text by at least two linguistic translation programs
>passing and the text pinching to remove evident semantic mistakes. The
>translators will also help often to do an inattentive period examination if
>they cannot identify the English word, it untouched leaving."
If you are that worried about someone identifying you, maybe sending the
sensitive information out unencrypted over the Internet to an easily
identifiable third-party that can be monitored is a bad idea.

Downloading the software is not much better, as it is still a very
distinctive feature. When doing anything for the sake of anonymity you
must consider both your threat model and your anonymity set.

A perfectly secure network is worthless if the bar to entry is so high
that only a few people ever join. Even if you could only ever know
something came from someone on the network, that fact alone would reduce
the number of individuals that could be responsible to fewer than if
they hadn't bothered with the network.

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