Interesting article

Jack Lloyd lloyd at
Fri Jul 8 15:29:01 PDT 2005

On Fri, Jul 08, 2005 at 01:32:34PM -0400, Tyler Durden wrote:
> That is interesting. One wonders if in certain circles of Russia people are 
> much more careful with their data and encrypting it. Who knows? A country 
> like that might evolve some fairly rigorous privacy procedures. Here in the 
> US it's, "Our data is safe because people will go to jail if they hack it 
> and sell it."

Unless, of course, your data falls into the hands of Choicepoint,
Lexis Nexis, etc. Mostly in order to avoid a legislative crackdown
that puts them out of business, they probably put some effort into
vetting who gets to see the magic bits (unlike our Russian
streetcorner pals). But we saw how well that worked with
Choicepoint. And they are all fairly large companies; all it takes is
one well-placed database admin with bad financial troubles...


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