Posion Pill for ED?

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> Subject: Posion Pill for ED?
> Hey...can some clever Cypherpunk think of a nice poison pill for ED? 
> Theoretically, something like that is possible, but my only 
> ideas aren't so 
> hot. For instance, and elderly couple could sow some form of 
> radioactive 
> substance into their grounds, in quantities that would take 
> longer than 
> their life expectancy to kill them.
> Of course, a cleanup might be possible, but that would 
> theoretically wack 
> out the cost structures.
> There might be other less drastic measures that can be taken, 
> however, such 
> as finding a way to boost up the property costs so that the 
> developers lose 
> interest or perhaps even creating a very hard-to-find 
> "landlord" that is 
> collecting vast sums (on paper) for the rent of the property.
> These are crummy ideas, so relax. But I suspect something is possible.
> -TD

1. Make your property a habitat for endangered species; there are
plenty of plants, bugs, and small animals that qualify.

Getting them there in the first place is probably illegal, but
once they're established, no development which destroys their
habitat is legal, generally speaking.

2. Similarly, and even simpler, turn strategic portions of
your property into wetlands or vernal pools. Similar protections
vs development apply.

Peter Trei

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