MPAA files new film-swapping suits

Major Variola (ret) mv at
Fri Jan 28 19:04:42 PST 2005

At 04:41 PM 1/28/05 +0100, Eugen Leitl wrote:
>Not really. The P2P assm^H^H^H^H architects are reissuing new systems
>holes patched reactively. There's no reason for a P2P system designed
in 1996
>to be water-tight to any threat model of 2010. (Strangely enough, they
>IP nazis and lawyers back then, too).

I was surprised to see that the EFF listed ADCs as endangered tech.
the hollywood nazis regard (and damn rightly so) the analog hole as
real.  That a fairly stead
organization as EFF would regard the desparate death-sounds of hollywood

as a serious threat to such basic tech was astounding.

I've had cross-compiled code (for the MMC2107) identified as a virus
therefore erased) by an antivirus program on a PC.  This only lost an
hour or two of work.
Imagine that your medical measurements, or kids'
performances, happen to match an ADC's copy protection codes.

Imagine that all your silicon belongs to us, us=hollywood=congress.

Imagine that all your printing presses belong to the State, for the
protection of
the commercial merde.


"Be neither perpetrator, bystander, nor victim" ---a commentator on the
60th anniversary
of Auswitz, coming to a goverment center near you

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