Driver's license scandals raise national security worries

Russell Nelson nelson at
Wed Jan 26 21:02:37 PST 2005

R.A. Hettinga writes:
 > Similar scams have occurred around the country:
 > _ In New Jersey, nine state motor vehicle employees pleaded guilty to a
 > scheme that involved payoffs for bogus licenses.
 > _ In Illinois, a federal investigation into the trading of bribes for
 > driver's licenses led to dozens of convictions and the indictment of former
 > Gov. George Ryan on racketeering and other charges.
 > _ In Virginia, more than 200 people are losing their licenses because of
 > suspected fraud by a former Department of Motor Vehicles worker who
 > allegedly sold licenses for as much as $2,500 each.

This is why we need a national identification card.

It's also why we don't need a national identification card.

The same evidence leads to two different conclusions depending on what
you had already concluded was true.  Reminds me of listening to Alan
Greenspan.  :-)

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