Vive le rubber 'ose: 'The Interrogators' and 'Torture': Hard Questions

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Mon Jan 24 12:15:39 PST 2005

 --- "R.A. Hettinga" <rah at> wrote: 
> The New York Times
> January 23, 2005
> 'The Interrogators' and 'Torture': Hard Questions

What a load of shit.

The reality of today is such that the "defense establishment", or rather
it's personnnel will use torture, fraud, and assassination to (a) advance
their Total Police State Paradise, (b) to run their spook schools, (c) to
steal whatever they want, and (d) to bury the evidence of their
malfeasance.  They will steamroller domestic and foreign civilians and
combatants indiscriminately, held in check only by virtue of the
lamentable practical necessity of appearing to have valid reasons for
actions taken.

Because the judicial branch of government is entirely tame, and because
the media is in the habit of obeying, and because there is a secret
history to the military and SpookWorld that is wrapped up in the mythology
of religion and superstition, there is simply no process extant to address
the inequities of the present time.

The only action on the front, as it were, consists of political and
ideological yes-men banging the drum of conformity and assimilation: "join
us and prosper; obey and serve; destroy the reality that does not support
our orthodoxy".  Dissent is marginalised and criminalised, although
provocations are important in order to provide the fearsome spectacles
necessary to encouraging fear and cultivating obedience.

Too bad there are so many dirty hands.  The necessity of protecting so
many actual establishment terrorists from sanction, legal or otherwise,
may kill billions one day.  Or worse, as death isn't the worst thing that
can occur to an individual... as many of you are aware.

Keep up with the bullshit, folks.  Continue to justify all the repressive
and regressive measures.  Legitimise arbitrary human rights abuses.  Keep
training your terrorists.   Pretend you must use slaves.  Keep lying to
yourselves about the rightness of your approach, and the necessity of the
web of deceits necessary to keeping your veil of propriety afloat.

It's been clear to me for a long time that your little club is morally
bankrupt, although we know that such considerations are entirely obsolete
to the modern ubermench.  Arguing on your terms is a losing proposition. 
The game was lost a long time ago: when the taboos on certain kinds of
speech became entrenched.  Recapitulations of traditional religious speech
and action into modern forms, such as "interrogation" simply aren't enough
to undo the damage.

By the way, I really enjoy the drugs used today in the service of official
knowledge acquisition.  I sincerely hope that many more people enjoy them
too.  And I would be remiss if I failed to remind everyone who is a player
in this part of SpookWorld to tounge the peanuts from my shit.  War
criminals and cowards all.



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