new egold phisher - this time it's a malware executable

sunder sunder at
Fri Jan 21 10:23:36 PST 2005

So, the e-gold phishers are at it again... received a very nice email 
this morning with an attachment.  The Received-From header showed this 
beauty: "from 
(dwwsaviej at [] 
(may be forged))"


Don't know if it's a trojan, spyware, virus, or worm, and I couldn't 
care less since I don't use egold, but would be interesting (just for 
curiosity's sake) if someone were to disassemble it to see what it does. 
  It's probably a password grabber of some kind, so falls under spyware, 
but who knows what other evil payloads were in the attachment.


Text said:

Dear E-gold Customer,

Herewith we strongly recommend you to install this Service Pack to your 
PC, as lately we have received a lot of complains regarding unauthorized 
cash withdrawals from our customers' accounts. This upgrade blocks all 
currently known Trojan modules and eliminates the possibility of cash 
withdrawals without your authorization. We highly recommend to install 
this Service Pack to secure your accounts.
Please note, that E-gold doesn't take any responsibility and doesn't 
accept any claims regarding losses caused by fraudulent actions, if your 
account has not been duly protected by the present Service Pack.

Please find enclosed the archive of the Service Pack installation file 
in the attachment to this message.

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