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>Where are the remailer mail2news gateways still operating?
>If there are any anymore...

This is great. I've been watching, via bittorrent, Lucy Lawless' "Warrior
Women" series. The last episode is about Lozen, the Apache medicine-woman
who was sister of Antonio, one of the last chiefs of the Chiricahaua band,
who raided up and down the Black Range in Southeast New Mexico (Hillsboro,
a town in the front range of which, was where my father retired and died,
which was why I was interested in the episode; I remember reading "Black
Range Tales", and other western memoirs of the time, when I was a kid).

She died in Alabama (by way of Florida and Oklahoma) of tuberculosis, 20
years after being captured in New Mexico.

There's an echo in here.


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