[i2p] Tunnel cryptography for I2P 0.5 (corrected typo)

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Tue Jan 18 03:26:39 PST 2005

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Thanks Connelly for the writeup and the discussion,

> The following is a discussion of tunnel cryptography plans for
> I2P 0.5.  There are two options; one will be chosen.

A few key changes were missed in this draft, and I've incorporated
all of the suggestions from yesterday into [1].  The explanation of
the overall rationale for the two different strategies is largely
correct.  This is still a work in progress, and will be improved as
we get both more feedback and clarify some issues.


An implementation of the crypto for first strategy [2] has been
created [3], but as there are some weaknesses in inbound tunnels
when dealing with colluding attackers who also control the gateway,
the second strategy seems more appealing.  Next up I'd like to get
that implemented into code so that any further issues can be fleshed
out, as well as to make concrete what it is that is being specified.


Of course, none of those html docs are a finished spec for I2P
overall as they assume familiarity with the other non-tunnel-related
parts of I2P and do not include the relevent references to where we
snagged our ideas ;)  This is just a state-of-the-design view into
the 0.5 tunnel revamp.

Anyway, thanks again for the updates Connelly, and if anyone is
looking for the details currently planned for, please see [1].
Suggestions/comments/criticisms always welcome, or if you want to
get involved, please get in touch!  We're in #i2p on irc.freenode.net
and on irc.duck.i2p pretty much all the time.

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