Homeland Security Operations Morning Briefs

John Young jya at pipeline.com
Mon Jan 17 16:44:48 PST 2005

Homeland Security Operations Morning Briefs
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Homeland Security Information Network
Request for Information (RFI)

1. (FOUO) VIRGINIA: Larceny From Police Officers Private
Vehicle Results in Stolen Police Identification Card, Badge, Two
Loaded Magazines, and Two Handguns. According to a RFI from
the Danville Police Department (DPD), on 23 December, Larceny
from a police officers personal vehicle resulted in the following
stolen items:

 City of Danville Virginia police Identification card in the name of
William Henry Chaney

 One Silver police badge issued by the city of Danville Police Department

 One Silver police badge issued by Pittsylvania County Sheriff's Office

 One Glock Model 22, 40 caliber handgun with a Lasermax laser sight mounted
on the weapon (serial nr: 879US)

 Two loaded magazines

 One .38 Caliber Taurus brand handgun with a blue finish

 Miscellaneous keys and Panasonic recorder

This information was provided in conjunction with a Homeland Security
request to Law Enforcement Agencies to provide information that may
effect the 2005 Presidential Inauguration. The weapons have been
entered into NCIC. This information has been broadcasted to the Eastern
seaboard by the Danville Police Department. Immediately, contact the
DPD at P.O. Box 3300, Danville, Virginia 24543 and/or at telephone
number (434)799-6510 with any information. (Patriot Report: DPD,
24 December 04; HSOC 4897-04)


7. (FOUO) MARYLAND: Suspicious Individual with Various Weapons
and a Photo of Air Force One. According to Montgomery County Police
Department (MCPD) reporting, on 16 December, a U.S. named individual
called the MCPD claiming a weapon had been stolen from his home by
federal law enforcement agents conducting a covert operation in his
home. A few moments later the individual called back to say he had
found the weapon behind his couch. Officers continued to the home to
ensure it had not been broken into. The individual allowed the officers
into his residence. The officers observed numerous weaponry items
throughout the home, to include various IEDs and other suspicious
items, such as a Police SWAT Raid jacket, military uniforms, camouflage
attire, and various wigs and numerous boxes of hair dye. Officers also
recovered two bags that were converted in a way to conceal fire
weapons: the first was a computer bag with a U.S. express mail company
box inside and holes in front that allowed a gun muzzle to fit and a slit
that allowed a hand to be inserted to fire the weapon; the second item
was a tennis racket bag converted to hold an M-16 rifle. The individual
also had a large amount of paraphernalia and information related to the
assassination of JFK as well as photos of Air Force One. The individual
claimed the photos of Air Force One were taken when the plane flew
over his residence. The individual is in currently in custody and an
investigation is on-going. (MCPD; HSOC 4808-04)


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