US slaps on the wardriver-busting paint

John Young jya at
Sun Jan 16 16:01:17 PST 2005

The paint sounds like yet another sting operation to catch
the goofuses who think they can hide RF on the cheap.
The folks on the TSCM-L list think the paint is pure snake
oil, that the electrophysics of it are crap.

Still, phony Tempest protection is a pretty good business, no
doubt promoted by the spooks who get better results from
signals calling attention to themselves by way of half-assed
protection: -- here, look at me trying to shield my nonsense.

Several US companies have done quite well selling so-called
NSA-grade Tempest protection, even requiring an export license 
for the hoakum, in cahoots with the agency which welcomes
the pointers to users.

Joel McNamara's Tempest site has a several references to 
RF snake oil, some of which appears to be honeypot-grade.

Relatedlhy, we assume that the only reason NSA released to 
us a batch of Tempest docs was to promote the sale of weak
systems. Docs which describe the truly good protection have
never been released, presuming there is such high-quality of
RF security.

Tempest could be a diversion from more intricate and
interception. Over-confidence in a security system is a 
bellweather for successful attack.

Someday, now 5 years and counting, we hope to get NSA
FOI docs on the Brit's Non-Secret Encryption which allegedly
was invented before the PK if Diffie Hellman Merkle, and whether
any of that pre-PK information was leaked so that DHM could
access it, by guile or by accident, NSA by then having developed 
a crack, and set in motion the faith-based use of "unbreakable"
public crypto.

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