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Tom Kaitchuck tkaitchuck at comcast.net
Wed Jan 12 22:51:51 PST 2005

For those of you that do not know, I am currently working on building a
distributed search engine for I2P. While it is still in an alpha state, it is
approaching the point where it could use some wider testing. It is now in cvs
under the module khksearch. I was planning to hold off on releasing it until
I fixed a bug preventing servers from joining in mid operation, but it has
proved elusive enough, that I think more eyeballs may help.

One thing that some of you may be interested in even if you don't care about
the search engine itself, is that to make it work with I2P I took the
streaming library for Java and put it into a wrapper class that imitates
java.net so all one has to do is take the wrapper code put it in the class
path and in your java program replace "import java.net.*" with "Import
search.connection.*" and your app is instantly ported to I2P. (Assuming it is
fairly simplistic and only has one socket server per Jvm instance. But this
could easily be improved upon if anyone is interested. )

There is still lots to do, not all of which requires huge technical skill.
(Code cleanup, Better instructions, Startup scripts for windows and other
JVMs) Also the existing awt interface needs to be converted into an applet or
so that it can run within a webpage. The biggest thing that remains
to be done is implementing the ranking code, I plan to do this next.

As far as the license goes, it will we a free software license that permits
modification and public access to the source. (probably lgpl or similar)
However all of the scripts and all of the code for the wrapper, were written
by me, and are public domain.

So if you are interested in helping out, or would just like to play with it,
check it out.
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