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Re: the embedded item:

>>Ruling gives cops leeway with GPS
>>Decision allows use of vehicle tracking device without a warrant
>>By BRENDAN LYONS, Staff writer
>>First published: Tuesday, January 11, 2005
>>In a decision that could dramatically affect criminal investigations
>>nationwide, a federal judge has ruled police didn't need a warrant when
>>they attached a satellite tracking device to the underbelly of a car
>>being driven by a suspected Hells Angels operative.

Just out of curiosity, if the man doesn't need a warrent to place a 
surveilance device, shouldn't it be within your rights to tamper with, 
disable or remove such a device if you discover one?  By extension, is 
there a business opportunity for bug-sweeping?  Either a storefront or a 
properly equipped pickup truck with bright signage.  (oh, yeah... I'm 
sure *that* would go over well with the Powers That Be)
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