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Peter Gutmann pgut001 at
Tue Jan 11 08:00:29 PST 2005

David Wagner <daw at> writes:

>>Is Skype secure?
>The answer appears to be, "no one knows".

There have been other posts about this in the past, even though they use
algorithms the way they use them is completely homebrew and horribly
Raw, unpadded RSA, no message authentication, no key verification, no replay
protection, etc etc etc.  It's pretty much a textbook example of the problems
covered in the writeup I did on security issues in homebrew VPNs last year.

(Having said that, the P2P portion of Skype is quite nice, it's just the
 security area that's lacking.  Since the developers are P2P people, that's
 somewhat understandable).


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