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Hi y'all, time for the weekly update

* Index
1) Net status
2) 0.5 progress
3) 0.6 status
4) azneti2p
5) fbsd
6) hosts.txt as WoT
7) ???

* 1) Net status

Overall the net is handling itself well, though we had some problems
with one of the irc servers being offline and my outproxy acting up.
However, the other irc server was (and still is) around (though at
the moment doesn't have CTCP disabled - see [1]), so we were able to
satiate our need for irc :)

[1] http://ugha.i2p/HowTo/IrcAnonymityGuide

* 2) 0.5 progress

There's progress, ever onwards!  Ok, I suppose I should get into a
little more detail than that.  I've finally got the new tunnel
routing crypto implemented and tested (yay!), but during some
discussions we found a place where there could be one level of
anonymity leak, so its being revised (the first hop would have
known they were the first hop, which is Bad.  but really really
easy to fix).  Anyway, I hope to get the docs and code on that
updated and posted soon, and docs on the rest of the 0.5 tunnel
operation / pooling / etc posted later.  More news when there's
more news.

* 3) 0.6 status


Mule has begun investigations into the UDP transport, and we've
been mining zab for his experiences with limewire's UDP code.
Its all very promising, but much work to be done (and still
several months out on the roadmap [2]).  Got some inspiration or
suggestions?  Get involved and help focus it towards what needs to
be done!

[2] http://www.i2p.net/roadmap#0.6

* 4) azneti2p

I almost wet my pants when I got the info, but it looks like the
folks at azureus have written up an I2P plugin, allowing both
anonymous tracker usage and anonymous data comm!  Multiple
torrents work within a single I2P destination too, and it uses
the I2PSocket directly, allowing tight integration with the
streaming lib.  The azneti2p plugin is still in the early stages
with this 0.1 release, and there are lots of optimizations and ease
of use improvements coming down the pipe, but if you're up for
getting your hands dirty, swing by i2p-bt on the i2p irc networks
and get in on the fun :)

For the adventurus types, get the latest azureus [3], check their
i2p howto [4], and snag the plugin [5].

[3] http://azureus.sourceforge.net/index_CVS.php
[4] http://azureus.sourceforge.net/doc/AnonBT/i2p/I2P_howto.htm
[5] http://azureus.sourceforge.net/plugin_details.php?plugin=azneti2p

duck has been taking heroic measures to keep compatability with
i2p-bt, and there is frantic hacking in #i2p-bt as I type this, so
keep an eye out for a new i2p-bt release Real Soon Now.

* 5) fbsd

Thanks to the work of lioux, there's now a freebsd ports entry for
i2p [6].  While we aren't really looking to have lots of
distro-specific installs out there, he promises to keep it updated
when we give sufficient notice for new release.  This should be
helpful for fbsd-current folks - thanks lioux!

[6] http://www.freshports.org/net/i2p/

* 6) hosts.txt as WoT

Now that the release has bundled in Ragnarok's addressbook,
the process of keeping your hosts.txt populated with new entries is
in every user's control.  Not only that, but you can view the
addressbook subscriptions as a poor-man's web of trust - you import
new entries from a site you trust to introduce you to new
destinations (defaults being dev.i2p and duck.i2p).

With this capacity comes a whole new dimension - the ability for
people to choose what sites to essentially link to in their
hosts.txt and which ones not to.  While there is a place for the
public free-for-all that has occurred in the past, now that the
naming system is not just in theory but in practice fully
distributed, people will need to figure out their own policies on
publishing other people's destinations.

The important part behind the scenes here is that this is a learning
opportunity for the I2P community.  Before, both gott and I were
trying to help push the naming issue by publishing gott's site as
jrandom.i2p (he asked for that site first - I did not, and have no
control whatsoever as to the contents of that URL).  Now we may
begin to explore how we are going to deal with sites not listed in
the http://dev.i2p.net/i2p/hosts.txt or on forum.i2p.  Not being
posted on those locations doesn't prevent in any way a site from
operating - your hosts.txt is just your local address book.

Anyway, enough babbling, I just wanted to put people on notice so
we can all see what is to be done.

* 7) ???

Yowza, thats a lot of stuff.  Busy week, and I don't forsee things
slowing down anytime soon.  So, swing on by the meeting in a few
minutes and we can talk about stuff.

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