Ready, Aim, ID Check: In Wrong Hands, Gun Won't Fire

Justin justin-cypherpunks at
Mon Jan 10 16:35:28 PST 2005

On 2005-01-10T15:42:47-0500, Tyler Durden wrote:
> And we'll probably have many years of non-Smart-Gun type,
> Drunk guy at party put gun to his head and blew his own brains out,
> assuming it was a smart gun, or, trailer park momma gives gun to toddler
> assuming its a "safe" smart gun.

Some gun "accidents" are suicides reported as such to avoid
embarrassment to the family.  Similarly, I think a few of the gun
"accidents" involving real "children", which are extremely rare to begin
with, go like this...

"Son, why don't you take this gun and pretend to go shoot daddy?  It's
not loaded." Or, "Son, why don't you take the gun, put it to your head,
and pull the trigger?  It's not loaded."

I don't believe the article when it says that smart guns are useless if
stolen.  What do they have, a tamper-proof memory chip storing a 128-bit
reprogramming authorization key that must be input via computer before
allowing a new person to be authorized?  And what's to stop a criminal
from ripping out all the circuitry and the safety it engages?

"War is the father and king of all, and some he shows as gods, others as men;
some he makes slaves, others free." -Heraclitus 53

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