Police seek missing trucker, nickels

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Sun Jan 9 13:36:25 PST 2005

OK...most of the time I understanding the relevance of the emanations from 
RAH, but this one I don't get. What's the relevance? Choate nostalgia?


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>Subject: Police seek missing trucker, nickels
>Date: Sun, 9 Jan 2005 10:44:25 -0500
>The Chicago Tribune
>Police seek missing trucker, nickels
>Advertisement  Items compiled from Tribune news services
>  January 9, 2005
>  MIAMI, FLORIDA --  A truck driver has disappeared with the 3.6 million
>nickels he was hauling to the Federal Reserve Bank in New Orleans, police
>said Friday.
>  Angel Ricardo Mendoza, 43, picked up the coins, worth $180,000, Dec. 17
>from the Federal Reserve in New Jersey and was supposed to haul the
>cargo--weighing 45,000 pounds--to New Orleans for a trucking company
>subcontracted by the Federal Reserve, police said.
>  On Dec. 21, Mendoza's empty truck and trailer turned up at a truck stop 
>Ft. Pierce, Fla.
>  Miami-Dade police, the FBI and the Federal Reserve police are 
>  "We are concerned for his safety because he's missing," Miami-Dade
>Detective Randy Rossman said.
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