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Saturday night's fun has basically been finalized, so it's time to
clue attendees in.  ShmooCon 2005 attendees are invited to boogie at
FUR, a rather hip dance club in D.C., Saturday night, February 5th,
from 10 to whenever.  Check out FUR's website here:


FUR is letting all ShmooCon 2005 attendees, 21 and over, in for FREE.
The private speaker party with open bar in the Mafia lounge at FUR
runs from 10 to midnight, and features spinning by everyone's favorite
West-coast, DefCon & ToorCon-infamous DJ, Keith!  w00t!

Anyone who reserved a room at the conference hotel under the ShmooCon
group rate will get a pass to the speaker party once they check-in at
the hotel.

If you didn't reserve a room at the conference hotel, or you aren't a
speaker, then you'd better practice on your social engineering skills
to score a pass to the speaker party.  Rumor has it, speakers will
have extra passes to distribute as they see fit. ;)

And one more note: FUR, not the Shmoo Group, controls the dress
code--read the FUR FAQ here:


So no whining about having to look (and smell) nice.  Got it?  See you
at FUR on Saturday night of the con!


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