Tasers for Cops Not You

John Young jya at pipeline.com
Sat Jan 8 13:20:08 PST 2005

NY Times reports today that SEC is investigating Taser
for possible financial irregularity: as last day of business
for 2004 racked up a $700,000 sale to an AZ gun shop
which brags it sells to civilians, but only a few so far.

And that the AZ AG is informally looking at sale of the stun 
guns to civilians, with cops protesting civilian access to 
the neatest cop joy toy. 

However, Taser claims the civilian version is effective 
only to 15 feet while the LE version will explose a heart
at 20 feet. And, Taser says "accidental deaths caused 
by the shock would have happened to those sick persons 

Well, yes, homicidal cops say the perps were begging for it,
learning such talk from the president and up to the one who
has fun with joy toy tsunamis.

Exculpation, says the king, is divine, and my Taser shocks
shit further than yours.

Here are photos of the Taser in manufacture, sale, training,
promo, and accidental misfire:


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