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Ian G iang at
Thu Jan 6 05:10:31 PST 2005

Joerg Schneider wrote:

> So, PassCode and similar forms of authentication help against the 
> current crop of phishing attacks, but that is likely to change if 
> PassCode gets used more widely and/or protects something of interest 
> to phishers.
> Actually I have been waiting for phishing with MITM to appear for some 
> time (I haven't any yet ...

By this you mean a dynamic, immediate MITM where
the attacker proxies through to the website in real

Just as a point of terms clarification, I would say that
if the attacker collects all the information by using
a copy of the site, and then logs in later at leisure
to the real site, that's an MITM.

(If he were to use that information elsewhere, so for
example creating a new credit arrangement at another
bank, then that technically wouldn't be an MITM.)

Perhaps we need a name for this:  real time MITM
versus delayed time MITM?  Batch time MITM?

> Assuming that MITM phishing will begin to show up and agreeing that 
> PassCode over SSL is not the solution - what can be done to counter 
> those attacks?

The user+client has to authenticate the server.  Everything
that I've seen over the last two years seems to fall into
that one bucket.

> Mutual authentication + establishment of a secure channel should do 
> the trick. SSL with client authentication comes to my mind...

Maybe.  But that only addresses the MITM, not the
theft of user information.

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