California Bans a Large-Caliber Gun, and the Battle Is On

John Young jya at
Tue Jan 4 10:30:31 PST 2005

A timely report. A documentary is due out shortly which
includeds the likely assassination of officials with such 
army-of-one weapons.

Sniping is the chink in VIP protection armor. Why? Because 
ego-driven assholes lust to be seen, and best, photographed 
outside the armoring of vehicles, aircraft and structures. 

The very targeting head shot snipers are trained to patiently 
wait for are the ones photographers are paid to arrange just so,
Sergeant York turkey-calling, "over here sir."

Who was the freedom fighter who smilingly welcomed death
by public appearance. Archduke, Reagan, JFK, Masouf, or Abe 

All those pissed off, well-tested snipers from Operation Iraqi 
Freedom on all sides. The Secret Service claims you cannot
spot a serious assassin ahead of time, that braggarts and
threateners are not the real thing -- sorry 'bout that outing

More at US Secret Service National Threat Assessment Center:

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