Fred Durst Says Sex Video Was Stolen From His Computer

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Like most real hacks and cracks, it was an, um, inside job...


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Fred Durst Says Sex Video Was Stolen From His Computer
 02.25.2005 9:52 PM EST

Contrary to rumors, nookie clip was not hacked from a Sidekick.

Fred Durst
 Photo: MTV News
SANTA MONICA, California - Just days after Paris Hilton's T-Mobile Sidekick
was hacked, spreading her topless photographs across the Internet, a sex
tape featuring Fred Durst hit the Web along with reports that it was the
work of the

 Fred Durst on how the video was stolen
 same hacker.

 Though the explicit clip features the words "T-Mobile Terrorist" on it,
the Limp Bizkit singer said the footage was definitely not stolen from his

 "If you look on Paris' thing, I don't use T-Mobile," Durst said with a
laugh on Friday (February 25), referring to the list of Hilton's phone
numbers that also leaked and included his contact information (see "Paris
Hilton Apologizes For Crank Calls, Fergie Wants Revenge"). "No, no, [my
listing in her Sidekick] is just old, years old. Somebody that was
repairing my computer was smart enough to go through anything he could [and
found the movie]. What can I say? I'm not proud of it.

 "Everyone, probably everyone in this building, has done something similar
to what I did, and nobody cares about it," he added during a break from
recording the next Limp Bizkit album in Interscope Records' studio. "But if
you're high-profile, or on someone's radar ... then it matters. What
happens to me happens to me, and I have to live with it and go on."

 Durst said he's been contacted by at least one company seeking his
cooperation in selling the video.

 "When those things happen to people, there are companies that approach
you, say, 'Hey, man, you wanna make some money off this? People are gonna
see it anyway,' " Durst explained. "I said, 'Absolutely not, I don't wanna
make any money of this. This is ridiculous.' So when you see [celebrity sex
tapes] out there with big company names on them, you can know people gave
them permission to release it."

 David Hans Schmidt, a Phoenix-based publicist who once represented Tonya
Harding and who has represented celebrities in the selling of nude photos
in the past, tells a different story. He said the thieves contacted him in
September and he's been negotiating with them and Durst's agents ever since.

 "I was close to turning something illegal into something legal and then
these hackers reneged and went out and put the tape on World Wide Web along
with my home telephone number," Schmidt said. "Now we're gonna get 'em.
Government agencies are meeting with me this weekend."

 Schmidt refused to elaborate about the deal because he worried it might
hinder the investigation.

 Durst said he hopes people learn a lesson from what happened to him and Paris.

 "If you wanna know how not secure you are, just take a look around," he
said. "Nothing's secure. Nothing's safe. It's just helping us get better,
causing awareness for homeland security. ... I don't hate technology, I
don't hate hackers, because that's just what comes with it, without those
hackers we wouldn't solve the problems we need to solve, especially

 Limp Bizkit are nearly finished with their fifth studio album, which will
mark the return of original guitarist Wes Borland (see "Wes Borland Back
With Limp Bizkit").

 - Corey Moss

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