Arroyo calls for ID cards, wiretaps

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Sun Feb 20 04:11:44 PST 2005


Sunday 20th February, 2005

Arroyo calls for ID cards, wiretaps   

Big News     Sunday 20th February, 2005  (UPI)  

The president of the Philippines has said a national identification card
and a system for wiretapping is necessary in the federal antiterrorism bill.

 President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo believes the two components will make
antiterrorism laws more effective, the Manila Times reported Saturday.

 Let's have that proposal go through the debate in Congress but it is
important, she said. We are one of the few countries that still don't have
an antiterrorism or internal security law.

 However, some lawmakers said the wiretapping could be used as a weapon to
harass people personally or politically and the ID cards could allow the
the government to compile a dossier against unsuspecting citizens.

 Last year's legislation to establish a National Reference Card at age 18
would have contained the name, address, blood type and next of kin of the
bearer as well as a data strip containing a reference number and other
confidential data.

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