Intel fortifies mobile transactions

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Intel fortifies mobile transactions
By Jan Libbenga (libbenga at
Published Thursday 17th February 2005 12:47 GMT

3GSM Intel has joined Orange and Visa International to better protect
premium digital content and transactions on mobile handsets. The company
will use a combination of hardware and software to provide more more
security for consumers to pay for online music or video, the company
announced this week at 3GSM in Cannes.

The new Intel Wireless Trusted Platform
is comparable with solutions Intel has developed for desktop PCs. Connected
to the motherboard or the inner circuitry is a Trusted Platform Module,
which contains a unique digital signature of the platform's software
configuration. When booted, the digital signature is recalculated and
compared to previous signatures. If the signature can't be validated,
devices are notified of a change in the reported platform's state. It will
not only protect users against viruses and software corruption, but also
secures content delivery and downloads.
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