What is a cypherpunk?

James A. Donald jamesd at echeque.com
Wed Feb 16 15:44:26 PST 2005

James A. Donald
> > > As governments were created to smash property rights,
> > > they are always everywhere necessarily the enemy of those
> > > with property, and the greatest enemy of those with the
> > > most property.

Steve Thompson
> > Uh-huh.  Perhaps you are using the term 'government' in a
> > way that is not common to most writers of modern American
> > English?

Justin <justin-cypherpunks at soze.net>
> I think it's fair to say that governments initially formed to
> protect property rights

Where we have historical record, this is not the case.  Romulus
was made King in order that the Romans could abduct and rape
women.  William the bastard became William the conqueror by
stealing land and enserfing people.

After George Washington defeated the British, his next
operation was to crush the Whisky rebellion.   You could say
that he defeated the British in order to protect property
rights, but his next military operation was to violate property
rights, not uphold them. 

         James A. Donald

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