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Steve Thompson steve49152 at yahoo.ca
Wed Feb 16 12:41:09 PST 2005

> > Agreements and accords such as the Berne convention and the DCMA, to
> say
> > nothing of human-rights legislation, are hobbled by the toothlessness
> of
> > enforcement, pulic apathy to others' rights, and a load of convenient
> > exceptions to such rules made for the agents of state.
> Okay.  So it's fair to say, then, that we have compromises between
> property rights protections and other (perceived yet imaginary?)
> property rights protections.  Which is really what it boils down to.


> There's no property rights usurpation without some motive behind it.

Unless if it's by accident.

> And motives generally stem from wanting to redistribute property or deny
> it to another individual, group, or an entire nation.  Sometimes that
> property is land (the excuse for such property redistribution or denial
> of ownership is called "self determination")

Operative word:  excuse.

>                                              , sometimes it is
> intellectual property (the excuse is "information wants to be free")...

Or like maybe the NSA needs to steal something that they can't buy because
they "NEED" to conceal the project that requires the stolen item.  Or
maybe a wealthy interest has a commercial interest to protect and bribes
an official to steal land that threatens said interest.  Or maybe it's a
Klan member who thinks that niggers shouldn't own property, and so he
steals it.  Or perhaps it's a Xtian who believes it's God's will to deny
property rights to heathens, as a lesson in coming to God.  Or maybe it's
a bunch of fucking theives who use any excuse they have at hand to justify
their own greed.

> sometimes it's explosives (they're TOO DANGEROUS, and only terrorists
> have them... are you a terrorist?).

Sometimes it's a complete load of shit, and there's no real valid reason
that will stand intelligent scrutiny as to why some people are allowed to
do one thing that is denied to another people.

Personally, I believe that the people who run the US, the dirty ones, are
too well aware of the liabilities they have assumed as a matter of course
in their history, and who will do anything rather than face paying the
debt.  Anything.   And futher, this conclusion is not so foreign as to be
beyond comprehension, but rather represents a problem that no-one is
willing to deal with -- thus compounding the error.

Since you still aren't bothering to address messages I write in good
faith, I suggest that you should go fuck yourself.



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