What is a cypherpunk?

Steve Thompson steve49152 at yahoo.ca
Wed Feb 16 10:31:14 PST 2005

 --- "R.A. Hettinga" <rah at shipwright.com> wrote: 
> Property is like rights. We create it inherently, because we're human,
> it
> is not bestowed upon us by someone else. Particularly if that property
> is
> stolen from someone else at tax-time.

Bzzt.  I call you on your bullshit.

Supposedly by convention, individuals attach some of a set of symbol
relations to physical objects and ideas and processes.   Such relations,
when observed consistently, confer rights of posession and use to groups
or individuals.  Individuals employed by governments, as well as special
interest groups, are certainly no longer satisfied with a democratic
arrangement of property rights and have manufactured consent, as it were,
to establish a bunch of exceptions to property rights that allow for
`legalised' theft.

But as long as property rights are generally considered to be a tenet and
characteristic of society, excuses for officiated theft, for instance,
merely put a veneer of legitimacy over certain kinds of theft.  I doubt
that RMS will ever be framed, arrested and thrown in to the gulag, his
property confiscated; but for someone like myself, that is certainly an
option, eh?  



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