[FoRK] Google (fwd from rst at ai.mit.edu)

Will Morton macavity at well.com
Sat Feb 12 04:58:11 PST 2005

On 11 Feb 2005, at 20:20, Tyler Durden wrote:

> Hum...I've been thinking about that...seems to me one could set up 
> anonymity using even Hotmail and Yahoo by a careful selection of 
> completely improbably emails addresses. The timing might be tricky, 
> though:
> 1. Think up two email addresses no one would have utilized...a random 
> list of letters and numbers.
> 2. Go to Yahoo mail and sign up using one the email addresses. Plug in 
> the other as the 'reference' and point it at, say, hotmail.
> 3. Open another browser to hotmail, do the reverse.
> 4. Hit send.
> 5. Hit send.
	Seems like a lot of work... why not just use www.mytrashmail.com or 
one of the many identical sites?  (Need to change your hotmail password 
right away, obviously)


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