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We have two important bits of news to share with you

One has to do with the House ID Card vote. We have
the results, what they mean, and what comes next.

The other has to do with a new, hip, pro-liberty
radio show now broadcasting on several stations. We
want you to know about them. Why? Well, the hosts
are DC Downsizers and the program broadcasts our
radio spots.

Please read on...

House approves electronic ID cards

Declan McCullagh of CNET reported late
yesterday, "The U.S. House of Representatives
approved on Thursday a sweeping set of rules aimed at
forcing states to issue all adults federally approved
electronic ID cards, including driver's licenses.
Under the rules, federal employees would reject
licenses or identity cards that don't comply, which
could curb Americans' access to airplanes, trains,
national parks, federal courthouses and other areas
controlled by the federal government. The bill was
approved by a 261-161 vote."
See McCullagh's full report:

McCullagh went on to write, "Thursday's vote mostly
fell along party lines. About 95 percent of the House
Republicans voted for the bill, which had been
prepared by the judiciary committee chairman, F.
James Sensenbrenner, a Wisconsin Republican. More
than three-fourths of the House Democrats opposed

So have we lost? NO!

These are exactly the same provisions we fought when
the House passed HR 10 last Fall. If you recall, the
Senate opposed these provisions, and they were
dropped from the final bill. The fight will now
return to the Senate - where we must win because the
President has publicly thrown his weight behind it.

The odds are decent that we can stop this bill.

In the meantime, you can note how your Representative
voted. Did they vote your interests? Check it out for

Free Talk Live & Downsize DC

Free Talk Live is talk radio unlike any other. In an
industry where shows are either pro-republican or
pro-democrat, Free Talk Live is unabashedly pro-

Typical talk radio is heavy on call-screening. Some
hosts are afraid of certain issues. Free Talk Live is
not. The show is called Free Talk Live because
listeners are Free to call in and Talk about anything
from the political to the personal. You can hear it
Live 6 days per week.

Who is Free Talk Live? Ian & Manwich, and the other
co-hosts are all hard-core DC Downsizers.

Free Talk Live has only been syndicated for 2 months.
So far, they're on in 4 markets. The complete list is

Free Talk Live has been running Downsize DC's radio
spots for a long time now - since the days when they
were just a local show in Tampa Bay. These days,
Downsize DC spots run as "fill" on the show. That
means if that if they have unsold inventory, the
spots run at least once per hour. Currently, most of
the inventory is unsold, and Downsize DC is getting
at least 17 airings per week.

Imagine the exposure Downsize DC would get if Free
Talk Live were on in 20, 50, or 100 markets! It will
happen eventually, but it will happen sooner if you
would do the following:

Help get the show on in your market. This whole
process only takes a couple of minutes.

  1. Go to  Type in your
     city and state, and find all the "News/Talk"
     and "Talk" stations in your area.

  2. Call each one, and ask to speak with the Program
     Director. Tell him that you want to hear Free
     Talk Live 6 nights (or days depending on your
     time zone) per week!

  3. While you're at it, ask him or her to add Harry
     Browne on Saturday nights as well. Both shows
     are broadcast on the Genesis Communications
     Network ( And Harry Browne also
     plays the Downsize DC radio spots.

For Liberty,

Jim Babka
President, Inc.


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