Desire safety on Net? (n) code has the solution

Dan Kaminsky dan at
Thu Feb 10 10:42:36 PST 2005

>Digital certificates can be explained as digital passports, which help in
>authentication of the bearer on the Internet. This also helps maintain,
>privacy and integrity of Net-based transactions. Digital signatures are
>accorded the same value as paper-based signatures of the physical world by
>the Indian IT Act 2000. Each of these functions help bring trust in
>Net-based transactions.
This passed by without too many people noticing:

The SEC also asserts that the company's 10-Q bore an unauthorized 
electronic signature of Guccione -- who was Penthouse's principal 
executive officer and principal financial officer at the time. The 
signature indicated that Guccione had reviewed and signed the filing and 
the accompanying Sarbanes-Oxley certification. This representation was 
false, the SEC stated in its complaint.

"You got your SOX in my Digital Signature Repudiation!"
"You got your Digital Signature Repudiation in my SOX!"
"Someone order a failed porn empire?"


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