Desire safety on Net? (n) code has the solution

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Thu Feb 10 09:43:57 PST 2005

I'm starting get the hang of this. I mean, fertilizer...crypto,
crypto...fertilizer: They're both *munitions*, right?





Express India 

Desire safety on Net? (n) code has the solution

Express News Service

Ahmedabad, February 9:  ADDRESSING a wide spectrum of needs of the
Net-dependent business world ranging from online buying to signing and
sending web forms, (n) code solutions, promoted by IT branch of the Gujarat
Narmada Valley Fertilizer Company Limited, has launched its nationwide
services at NASSCOM, India Leadership Forum 2005.

 (n) code solutions has been recently licensed by the IT ministry as
certifying authority for providing digital signature certificates to
individuals and organisations.

Digital certificates can be explained as digital passports, which help in
authentication of the bearer on the Internet. This also helps maintain,
privacy and integrity of Net-based transactions. Digital signatures are
accorded the same value as paper-based signatures of the physical world by
the Indian IT Act 2000. Each of these functions help bring trust in
Net-based transactions.

 (n) code has simultaneously released a suite of applications like, (n)
procure, (n) sign, (n) form and (n) pay to make use of digital signatures
to ensure safety and security in the virtual world in various ways. (n)
code has also put in motion, nationwide machinery to support different
market segments like banking and financial institutions, public and private
sector enterprises and state and central government organisation.

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