What is a cypherpunk?

Steve Thompson steve49152 at yahoo.ca
Wed Feb 9 13:03:58 PST 2005

 --- Eugen Leitl <eugen at leitl.org> wrote: 
> On Wed, Feb 09, 2005 at 09:09:56AM -0800, James A. Donald wrote:
> > There is nothing stopping you from writing your own operating
> > system, so Linus did.
> Yes. Corporate lawyers descending upon your ass, because you --
> allegedly --
> are in violation of some IP somewhere. See you in court.
> > If, however, you decline to pay taxes, men with guns will
> > attack you.
> If you ignore a kkkorporate cease & desist, men with guns will get you,
> too.
> Eventually. Corporations can play the system, whether they hire bandits,
> or
> use the legal system, or buy a politician to pass a law.
> > That is the difference between private power and government
> > power.
> There is no difference. Both are coercive. Some of the rules are good
> for
> you, some are good for the larger assembly of agents, some are broken on
> arrival.
> We need smarter agents.

Too late.  Stupidity is an entrenched aspect of the system.

If you try to remove stupidity (assuming for the moment that
it could be done in principle) stupid men with guns will 
hunt you down and shoot you in order to protect their
jealously guarded stupidity _and_ ignorance.  For as we
all know, and particularly in non-trivial fields of 
knowledge, knowledge often implies or demands action of
a particular kind, according to the logic of the situation.

Strategic ignorance is therefore extremely valuable -- 
particularly to corrupt government and corporate officers.



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