Identity thieves can lurk at Wi-Fi spots

Ian G iang at
Tue Feb 8 13:47:19 PST 2005

R.A. Hettinga wrote:

>The facility uses software and sensors to monitor 480 wireless devices used
>by medical personnel at 110 access points. Last month, it stopped about 120
>attempts to steal financial information from medical personnel and patients
>- double the number of incidents from a few months earlier.
>The recent surge in evil-twin attacks parallels phishing scams ...

Has anyone seen any case details on any of these
attacks?  The few articles I read all seemed to start
out saying it was happening, and then ended with
limp descriptions of how it *could* happen.  That is,
more FUD.

The above though seems to be a claim that it has
happened.  Now, what exactly did happen?  Was it
a hack attack?  An eavesdropping attack?  An MITM?

Was there indeed even an attack, or was it just the
software indicating a couple of funny connects?

Last year, those 2 kids were caught doing the wireless
thing in front of the hardware store - but again, what
they did was to hack (well, walk) into the systems and
install a program.

iang, still on the trail of the elusive MITM...

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