Jim Bell WMD Threat

Steve Thompson steve49152 at yahoo.ca
Sun Feb 6 14:31:26 PST 2005

 --- John Young <jya at pipeline.com> wrote: 
> The FBI continues to claim Jim Bell is a WMD threat
> despite having no case against him except in the media,
> but that conforms to current FBI/DHS policy of fictionalizing
> homeland threats.
> http://www.edgewood.army.mil/downloads/bwirp/mdc_appendix_b02.pdf
> See page 16.
> This document was initially prepared in June 2002, updated in June
> 2003. 

Interesting that you say the "FBI/DHS" have a policy of "fictionalizing"
[homeland] "threats", but suggest that Jim Bell is a victim of such
fictionalization rather than an example of a fictionalised threat.

Probably back in about 2001, my Government Cynicism Threat and Alert
System(tm) was upgraded from a rating of Moderate to Near Total Cynicism. 
Consequently, I re-assessed the words I had read concerning the Jim Bell
case and decided that he was a fake threat designed as input to the
legal/policing system in order to push it in a number of well-defined
directions, tending of course towards tyranny.

Nothing that I have seen or heard of since, directly related to Jim Bell
or otherwise, has led me to believe anything other than threats of the
kind that Mr. Bell are supposed to pose are nothing more than
sophisticated and well orchestrated frauds.  In fact, even such incidents
as the Adobe PDF kerfuffle including Dmitri Skylerov and a cast of
pseudo-hacks in the tech press are indicative of the degree to which the
government and certain segments of the industry and online community are
trained to march in lock-step to the tunes as they are called by certain
special interest groups.

Perhaps the RAND institute might be characterised as one of the
organisations that might be said to steer broad trends in fields and
strategic industries of interest to government control-freaks and would-be

Mind you, I am not necessarily the best or most objective source when it
comes to the analysis of such issues.  As *some* of you know, I allege a
variety of real and utterly indefensable wrongdoings on the part of
various police and government-related officials, but as yet have seen not
the least bit of support come my way despite the value of some of the work
that is at risk.  This is in contrast to petty crap like the RSA script on
a T-shirt bullshit that has previously occupied so many people's
attentions, not to mention media coverage (like "Wired").

But perhaps I am merely not worthy, and that my thoughts on various
matters cannot be trusted, even when they are relevant.  Fraud, after all,
is a rather serious charge.  If one is accusing the Massey Fergeson of the
Industry of perpetrating a massive fraud, then I suppose one requires
rock-solid evidence -- which I admit I cannot possibly produce at this



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