mmm, petits filous (was Re: NTK now, 2005-02-04)

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Fri Feb 4 10:34:05 PST 2005

At 5:45 PM +0000 2/4/05, Dave Green wrote:
>                             mmm, petits filous
>         Everyone else likes to worry about Google's gathering
>         conflict of interests, but Verisign's S.P.E.C.T.R.E.-level
>         skills still take some beating. This week, orbiting crypto
>         analysts Ian Grigg and Adam Shostock belatedly pointed out
>         to ICANN that perhaps Verisign couldn't trusted with
>         .net. Why? Well, Verisign these days offers both top level
>         domains and SSL certificate authentication. They also, with
>         their NetDiscovery service - sell ISPs a complete service for
>         complying with law enforcement surveillance orders. So, if an
>         American court demands an ISP wiretap its customers, and the
>         ISP turns that order over to Verisign to do the dirty: well,
>         Verisign can now fake any domain you want, and issue any
>         temporary fake certificate, allowing even SSLed
>         communications to be monitored. What's even more fun is that
>         they are - at least in the US - now moving into providing
>         infrastructure for mobile telephony. Yes, NOT EVEN YOUR
>                            - you know, this is probably a little late
>                             - but then, this is the year of the snail
>                                  - stupid network vs stupider company

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