Police cuff US student keystroke logger

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Police cuff US student keystroke logger
By Lester Haines (lester.haines at theregister.co.uk)
Published Wednesday 2nd February 2005 14:39 GMT

A Houston High School student faces a fine possible $2,000 fine or 180
days' jail after admitting rigging a keystoke logger to a teacher's PC and
using it to download exams, Houston's Local 2 reports

Fort Bend School District School spokeswoman Mary Ann Simpson said:
"Sometime in mid-December, we got a tip that this student was selling test
exams that had apparently come from a teacher's computer, so that's when
the investigation began." Said probe ended with the unnamed 16-year-old
having his collar felt by the police. He immediately confessed to the crime
when confronted, was charged with a Class B misdemeanour and transferred to
another school.

Police this week sent out alerts to other schools warning them of the
threat of keystoke-logging ne'er-do-wells. .

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